Engineering Manufacturing Technologies

Originally founded in 1946, Engineering Manufacturing Technologies, LLC (“EMT”) has a long history and outstanding reputation for manufacturing quality parts that consistently demonstrate durability and reliability in a broad range of market segments. Our well maintained 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses the most advanced and State-of-the-Art equipment in the industry. EMT’s technology driven equipment, combined with our skilled workforce, (with over 5 centuries of cumulative experience in the metal forming industry) allows our organization to offer a streamlined manufacturing environment which provides competitive pricing to our diverse portfolio of customers.

As a leader in our industry, EMT offers unsurpassed customer service, innovative engineering and design expertise, short lead times and competitive pricing. EMT is capable of manufacturing prototype parts, small lot sizes of one to several hundred parts, and we manufacture mass production quantities of 1,000 parts to well over a million.

EMT is very flexible and aggressive with our manufacturing schedule so that we can comply to stringent delivery requirements. Furthermore, any customer who has a design or production question can consult directly with our experienced engineering team and skilled workforce. EMT always encourages our customers to explore potential cost saving opportunities with our experienced staff.

Where's the EMT Website?!?

On November 11, 2019, our third party web hosting provider was on the receiving end of the latest IT security trending risk: IT supply chain service provider hacks in a sophisticated Ransomware attack. Throughout the initial infection and subsequent attack, EMT networks and were at no point compromised. Despite this, we are now focusing our efforts to find a service provider that meets our expectations and rebuilding our website to exceeds yours!